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25 Best Restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas

On the hunt for some Chiapas coffee and food? Here’s my curated list of the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas!

Located in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, San Cristóbal de las Casas lies deep in the heart of the indigenous Tzotzil region. It has a massive indigenous population; you’ll see many ladies dressed in traditional huipil and speaking Tzotzil throughout the streets of San Cristóbal. Because of this rich indigenous culture, you’ll find a medley of traditional restaurants amidst the cobblestone avenues and bazaars of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Thanks to the cacao and coffee plantations in the highlands surrounding the city, San Cristóbal de las Casas is also home to some of the best cafes in the country, serving up fair-trade, home-brewed coffee. Here’s a look at some of the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas; I’ve personally tried them and given them a thumbs up!

best restaurants in san cristobal de las casas

Best Restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas to Try Regional Food

As a major culture hub in Chiapas, San Cristóbal is the best place to try regional food. It’s not the biggest city in Chiapas, but it is brimming with Chiapaneco culture and traditions. Let’s dive into the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas to try regional food.

Restaurante Taniperla

One of the most raved-about restaurant in San Cristóbal is Taniperla, a casual restaurant that’s gained a loyal following with its regional menu. It’s a simple place but its menu speak for itself, with specialties from Chiapas and specifically the Lacandona jungle (a remote wilderness area straddling the Guatemala border).

All the locals I spoke to highly recommended Taniperla and it’s easy to see why. Prices are very reasonable and flavors are outstanding. Don’t miss the quesadilla lacandona with mole (a rich, savory sauce made of dried chile, spices, nuts, cacao, and other ingredients).

taniperla - best restaurants in san cristobal de las casas

Belil Sabores de Chiapas

Right cross the street from Taniperla stands Belil, another fiercely Chiapas restaurant that prides itself on serving only regional dishes. It’s a bit more modern than Taniperla and sells an array of locally produced arts and craft as well. Their signature dish is the sopa de pan chiapaneca, a soup made with soaked bread, plantains and boiled eggs. Read the reviews here.

belil - best restaurants in san cristobal de las casas

Restaurante Las Pichanchas

Ask any local where to go for the quintessential Chiapas culinary experience, they’ll most definitely point you in the direction of Las Pichanchas. Established over 40 years ago, this proudly Chiapaneco restaurant boasts a menu with regional dishes like cuchinito al horno and a variety of Chiapas cheese and ham.

This large, colorful venue in San Cris may look like a tourist trap, complete with folk dances and music, but it’s got a convivial atmosphere. When I visited, the host asked every single table where we were from, and I was the only non-Mexican! Book a table for 8pm and you can enjoy dinner while watching a series of folklore dance from different parts of Chiapas, including the famous Parachicos dance (one of the most distinctive Mexican traditions).

best restaurants in san cristobal de las casas

Restaurante Casa Utrilla

Located along the main artery of the city, Calle Utrilla, this traditional restaurant first drew me in with beautiful marimba (similar to the xylophone) music. I’m glad I ventured in and discovered this gorgeous traditional restaurant. The food was authentic and the leafy patio was such a nice escape.

Casa Utrilla is located right next to the Mercado de Santo Domingo, and makes for a great place to rest your feet (and fill your stomach) after wandering through the market. Musicians play on the marimba throughout the day. Check restaurant reviews here.

casa utrilla - where to eat in san cristobal de las casas

Fogón de Jovel

Another traditional restaurant that came recommended by my local friend is Fogón de Jovel, located right by Plaza de la Paz. It’s small but quaint, with papel picado (Mexican paper decoration) hanging overhead, waiters dressed in traditional wear, and food served in clay pots. The must-try here is the cochinito al horno (pork cooked in underground oven).

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best restaurants san cristobal de las casas - fogon del jovel

Best Cheap Eats in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Prices in San Cristóbal are really affordable compared to other parts of Mexico, most of the restaurants I mention in this article have main courses for less than 200 MXN (US$10). But if you’re on a shoestring budget, check out these affordable local eateries where you can have a meal for less than US$3.


This popular San Cristobal restaurant exudes an eclectic flair, that’s evident from its decor and menu. The menu is equally quirky, with a wide range of dishes ranging from cheap paninis and wraps to Thai curry and Cambodian stir-fry. Honestly I didn’t know where to put Cocoliche on this list of best restaurants in Cristobal de la Casas because of its diverse menu. But it’s a place worth visiting, especially if you’re craving for something non-Mexican that’s less than US$5.

best places to eat in san cristobal de las casas - cocoliche

El Tacoleto

Lauded as one of the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas for tacos, El Tacoleto is a local’s favorite haunt and the pride and joy of the city. The tacos carne arabe are a crowd-pleaser and tacos al pastor are to die for. It’s also a late-night favorite among the night owls. Prices start from 17 MXN (US$0.9) per taco.

el tacoleto - best places to eat in san cristobal de las casas

La Casa del Pozole

Well known among locals is this simple, local diner is located along the car-free Miguel Hidalgo street, near the Arco del Carmen. The eatery is hard to miss with colorful tables and chairs spilling out on the walkway. They specialize in the pozole, a rich brothy soup made with pork shoulder and plenty of red chile, with prices starting at 110 MXN (US$5.5).

casa de pozole - where to eat in san cristobal de las casas

Tortas Locas Hipocampo

A personal favorite of mine for cheap Mexican staples like tortas (sandwiches), quesadillas, and burritos. This definitely ticks all three of the Mexican saying, “bueno, bonito, barrato”. It’s a casual fast-food place, but its arrachera quesadilla and carne asada tortas are some of the best I’ve had. Prices start from 60 MXN (US$3) for a torta.

tortas locas - best cheap eats in san cristobal

La Salsa Verde

Next door to Tortas Locas is another local diner with really good prices and authentic quesadillas, moles, and enchiladas. If you’re traveling Chiapas on a budget, this is a good place to go for cheap Mexican food where only locals go. I had a full meal of quesadilla and drink for just 80 MXN (US$4).

salsa verde - where to eat in san cristobal de las casas

Best Cafes in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Did you know that Chiapas is one of the leading exporters of coffee in the world? While in San Cristóbal, you’ll definitely want to try some local brews and hot chocolate (if you don’t drink coffee, like me). There are plenty of cozy coffee shops and cute cafes to sip local brews and work away on your laptop to speedy WiFi.


According to my local friend who’s a coffee expert, Cafeología is the best place in town for good coffee. The coffee is brewed in house and produced by local farmers and prepared by professional baristas. I don’t drink coffee but I loved the guacamole toast here and really enjoyed working here on my laptop.

The modern coffee house has gorgeous high ceilings and a minimalist design, and WiFi is fast as lightning. If you want to dig deeper, try one of the ‘coffee tasting experience’ courses (M$350 to M750 per person). It’s definitely one of the best things to do in San Cristobal de las Casas.

cafeologia - best restaurants san cristobal de las casas

Sarajevo Cafe Jardin

One of my personal favorite on this list of best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas, Sarajevo Cafe Jardin is tastefully designed and decorated with luscious plants and wooden furnishing. It’s a digital nomad dream come true with an all-day brunch menu and high speed internet.

On weekdays from 1-5 pm, they offer an economical menu del dia (set lunch) which includes soup, a main course, water, and coffee or tea for 100 MXN (US$5). I came here a few times and always stayed longer than I’d expected to. Don’t miss their chana masala (chickpea curry) and hot chocolate!

sarajevo cafe jardin - where to eat in san cristobal de las casas

Frontera Artisan Food & Coffee

Frontera Artisan is one of the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a laidback, hippy vibe here and the outdoor garden is bright and peaceful, with lots of greenery and flowers. There’s plenty of seating and fast WiFi for digital nomads. The coffee is excellent and the bagel sandwiches are to-die-for.

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The cafe is located in the same patio/space as La Espirituosa, a bar and shop that offers excellent pox tastings and an array of craft beer. I absolutely love the pox tasting I had here, which involved a brief explanation about pox, how to drink it, and the varieties they had. The bar also serves simple dishes like tostadas and falafel.

frontera artisan - best cafe in san cristobal de las casas

Cacao Nativa

Chiapas is also known for having some of the best cacao in the world. I think the hot chocolate in San Cristóbal is the best I’ve ever had and I literally drank hot chocolate every single day when I was there. Choose from traditional hot cacao or chocolate with almond or cinnamon. Cacao Nativo is a cacao producer with a few outlets in San Cristóbal. They use organic, fair trade cacao and produce top notch chocolates and drinks.

cacao nativa - where to eat in san cristobal de las casas

Amor Negro

Housed on the top floor of the contemporary food hall, Esquina San Agustín (more on this in the next section) on Andador Eclesiastico, Amor Negro is lauded as the best cafe in town for its ambiance and high-ceiling design. And the trees and greenery inside the space are just gorgeous!

I had a scrumptuous brunch of salty waffle with bacon and honey, and a cup of hot chocolate and spent just about 135 MXN (US$7) — not a bad price to pay for a whole day of coworking space.

san agustin - where to eat in san cristobal de las casas

Café La Selva

La Selva, one of the first coffee shops in San Cristóbal and still among the finest. La Selva is located within an attractive old building with eye-catching wall murals. There are around 10 different types of coffee available here, as well as beans for all of them that are roasted on the spot, lending a wonderful fragrance to the atmospheric cafe.

cafe la selva - best cafes in san cristobal de las casas


Another cafe hugely popular with travelers and expats, Kukulpan is well known for its coffee and decadent pastries. I absolutely adore their bakery — their goat cheese and caramelized onion croissant was out of this world!

Add to that, the cafe is perched at the top of the hill in the Cerrillo neighborhood, with a nice view of the hills surrounding the city. I loved working at this cafe, with a view before me and the aroma of coffee in the air. If you’re planning to do the free walking tour (one of the best things to do in San Cristobal de las Casas), they will make a stop here and you’ll get to try their home-brewed coffee.

view from kukulpan - best cafes in san cristobal de las casas

Best International Restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas

I’m Asian and am always on the prowl for good Asian food even when in Mexico! I was genuinely surprised to find so many choices for Asian food here in San Cristobal de las Casas. I discovered at least three Korean restaurants, a couple of Vietnamese, and two Indian restaurants. Best of all, they all serve pretty authentic food.

Esquina San Agustín

I was honestly surprised to find such a cool, tastefully designed, modern food hall right in the heart of old town San Cristobal. Housed in a refurbished two-storey colonial building, Esquina San Agustín is chock-a-block with international flavors, from Peruvian to Italian. Many of them are considered the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas, including 500 Noches and Pizzería El Punto.

I satisfied my craving for Pad Thai at BANGCOOK and it turned out to be the best Pad Thai I’ve had in Mexico to date. The place was pretty bougie but the food wasn’t too expensive, at 160 MXN (US$8) for most main courses.

esquina san agustin - best places to eat in san cristobal de las casas
san agustin - best cafes in san cristobal de las casas


One of the two ASIARICO restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casa, ASIARICO7 serves authentic, comfort food from Korea, with staples like kimchijiggae (kimchi stew) and bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables and meat). They even do Korean barbecue and also offer a really affordable menu del dia (set lunch) for just 75 MXN (US$3.75) that includes dakgangjeng (fried chicken) and five banchan (cold side dishes). The kimchijiggae was just ok, but the menu del dia was excellent.

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asiarico7 - best international restaurants san cristobal

Casa de Ahn

This is the most highly-rated Korean restaurant in San Cristobal de las Casas. I didn’t get the chance to eat here, but a Korean friend I met in San Cristobal raved about this place. The caveat is that the restaurant is small and gets filled up very fast. She had to wait 1 hour waiting for a table, but she said it was well worth it for a taste of home.

Mi Casa Taiwanese 

A simple , no-frills Taiwanese restaurant that does decent food at reasonable prices. The menu has Taiwanese staples, with a few Thai and Chinese dishes added into the mix. I had the dumplings (90 MXN or $4.50) and Yunnan noodles (80MXN or $4) and both were pretty good!

mi casa taiwanes - best restaurants in san cristobal de las casas

Just PHO You Vietnamese Restaurant

This Asian restaurant is a simple, hole-in-the-wall place specializing in Vietnamese food. But be warned, I had to wait 30 minutes for my food and it gets crowded in the evening. I had the pho bo or beef noodle soup (my go-to dish in any Vietnamese restaurant) and it was massive, warm, and satisfying in the cold chilly weather! The fresh rolls were also pretty decent.

- best restaurants  in san cristobal de las casas

Best Bars in San Cristobal de las Casas

For a small city like San Cristóbal de las Casas, it sure does have a pretty vibrant nightlife. Many of the city’s popular bars are concentrated along the pedestrianized Calle Real de Guadalupe, but duck into the alleys and you’ll find an underworld of nightclubs and rooftop bars.

La Maldita

One of the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas for sunset, La Maldita is unbeatable. It’s a bit tricky to find, as the entrance is hard to spot. But once you find it, head to the rooftop and you’ll be able to feast on the gorgeous view of the city’s thoroughfare and the surrounding mountains. I came here at around 630pm and it was perfect to catch sunset.

Viña de Bacco

A popular joint along the pedestrianized Calle Real de Guadalupe, this wine bar has a loyal following thanks to the wide variety of wine they serve, starting at 28pesos per glass! Each glass of wine even comes with a free tapa (usually a small slice of baguette with pesto) and popcorn. For those traveling solo, it’s a good place to meet other travelers. I met a Korean-Colombian couple here and had a great time drinking wine with them!

vina de bacco - best bars in san cristobal de las casas

Café Bar Revolución

Recommended by my local friend/guide, the Café Bar Revolución is known as the best place in town for live music. This boisterous bar is perched along the Calle Real de Guadalupe and is perhaps the liveliest spot on the pedestrianized street. It draws in a steady flow of visitors every night with well-priced beers and mezcal cocktails. The menu has a good range of baguettes and cheese or meat tablas (to share).

Enjoy Eating in San Cristóbal de las Casas!

So there you have it, my guide to the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas. Do you have any other recommendations for the best restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas? Share them with us in the comments below!

I hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful city and get to try some of these delicious Chiapaneco dishes. Buen provecho! Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive list of things to do in San Cristobal de las Casas.

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