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25 Unique Places to Stay in Mexico

Discover some of the most unique places to stay in Mexico: from rustic treehouses in Tulum to polished Yucatan haciendas and glamping domes in Sierra Gorda.

Having lived in Mexico since 2021 and traveled all over the country, I have had the chance to stay at many extraordinary and unique hotels in Mexico. These aren’t your conventional five-star hotel chain or backpacker hostel — you’ll be surprised by how creative and unusual some hotel designers can be. Think tree houses, geodesic domes, Hobbiton cottages, and a villa built in the shape of a conch shell!

If you are looking for a special experience, Mexico offers a treasure trove of unique places to stay that go beyond the ordinary. I have been privileged to stay in some of these quirky unique stays in Mexico and believe me, the experience is worth every penny.

Unique Places to Stay in Mexico

Unique Places to Stay in Mexico

On this map, we have pinned our curated list of unique places to stay in Mexico. From cozy city spots to serene beachfront retreats and hidden jungle gems, each place promises a special experience.

25 Unique Places to Stay in Mexico

Unique Hotels in Mexico City

1. El Nido de Quetzalcóatl

This quirky hotel in Mexico City is a visionary concept that integrates you with nature while preserving the local ecosystem. Conceived by Javier Senosiain, the first architect to introduce this concept in the country, this hotel minimizes environmental impact while offering spectacular living spaces.

The project brims with art, quirkiness, and humor, and showcases exceptional craftsmanship. For enthusiasts of organic architecture, El Nido de Quetzalcóatl is a a treat for all your senses, combining natural harmony with architectural brilliance.

My favorite part of El Nido de Quetzalcóatl is the indoor gardens in the psychedelic snake building. The stained-glass roof makes the room come alive in the afternoon. If you’re curious, take a peek at my guide to discover the best time for visiting Mexico City.

📍 Location: Naucalpan

⭐ Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

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Unique Places to Stay in Mexico - Unique Hotels in Mexico City

2. The Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico

Get a glimpse into history at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, a heritage hotel with lots of stories to tell. Built initially as a personal residence in 1526, the hotel has evolved a couple of times over the centuries. Before becoming a hotel, the iconic was a bustling shopping center, featuring some of Mexico’s first elevators, which are still in use today.

The Gran Hotel epitomizes grandeur with its stunning Tiffany-stained glass ceiling in the lobby. Enjoying a cocktail on the top floor while watching the sunset over El Zocalo is an experience that will make you never want to check out. Ideally situated near some of the city’s top attractions, this gorgeous hotel is both a feast for the eyes and a perfect base for exploration.

📍 Location: Zocalo

⭐ Rating: 6.8 out of 10 stars

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Unique Places to Stay in Mexico - Unique Hotels in Mexico City

3. The Red Treehouse B&B

Built-in the 1930s, the Red Treehouse Bed & Breakfast was originally the home of artists, writers, and other creatives in Mexico City. Today, it is a place for people who want to indulge in the beauty of Mexican food, culture, and history. For a unique experience here, book the special suite: Treehouse Room.

The tiny penthouse with a private terrace is an intimate experience. It is the perfect option for solo travelers and backpackers seeking a unique experience. Surrounded by canopies of trees and flower vases on the balcony, you will feel like a bird in trees. The hotel is in the upscale Condesa neighborhood.

📍 Location: Condesa

⭐ Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

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Unique stays in Mexico - Unique Hotels in Mexico City

Unique Hotels in Tulum

4. Azulik Tulum

The most famous hotel in Tulum Beach has to be Azulik. This one-of-a-kind beach resort was a pioneer the uniquely Tulum architectural style, with its nature-inspired designs. The private, adults-only hotel features tree houses made from Mexican royal ebony, Khatalosh, and floor-to-ceiling windows providing views of the lush jungle and the Caribbean Sea.

The rooms are free of TVs, phones, or electricity so you can relax and reconnect with nature. Each tree house also has a unique Mayan mosaic bathtub, where you can have a special invigorating bath in rich mineralized cenote water, considered sacred by the Mayan people. Azulik offers a magical, back-to-basic experience, with a hefty price tag of course. Wondering when to visit? Check out my Tulum travel blog for details on secret spots and unique places to explore.

📍 Location: Tulum Hotel Zone

⭐ Rating: 7.2 out of 10 stars

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Unique hotels in Mexico - Unique Hotels in Tulum

5. Nômade Tulum Treehouse

Experience full transformation at Nômade Tulum, where every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Perched among the trees, this unique treehouse hotel in Tulum offers a vibrant atmosphere with stunning decor and architecture perfect for capturing those quintessential Instagram moments.

Nômade’s wellness programs, music, communal gatherings, and exceptional dining experiences foster connections and exploration among its guests. The hotel also features a spa and private beach. For foodies, the hotel has 3 restaurants serving delicacies from different corners of the globe.

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La Popular serves fresh seafood and offers a breathtaking sea view. Macondo offers innovative Middle Eastern dishes like nowhere in Tulum. And finally, Kuu is a hidden gem featuring exquisite Japanese Omakase cuisine.

📍 Location: Tulum Hotel Zone

⭐ Rating: 7.5 out of 10 stars

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Mexico unique hotels - Unique Hotels in Tulum

6. Casa Malca

Formerly a private residence of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca is an extraordinary boutique hotel and art haven. After Escobar died in 1993, the mansion was left abandoned for several years. In 2012, Colombian contemporary art collector Lio Malca purchased the estate, and by 2015, it reopened with nine luxurious bedrooms, constantly expanding since then.

Located along 180 meters of pristine white sand beach, you will arrive via a winding palm-lined track, greeted by a forecourt adorned with Persian rugs. The hotel’s grand entrance is camouflaged within a tree bark-covered wall. Inside, the lobby showcases paintings, sculptures, and furniture by esteemed contemporary artists and designers, set against sleek white walls and polished concrete floors.

The art collection is frequently rotated across the hotel to give returning guests a new experience. There is also a spiral staircase that leads to the rooftop, where a terrace bar hosts lively events and offers sweeping views of the ocean. Staying at this unique Tulum beachfront hotel is a rare opportunity to coddle Escobar’s exquisite taste in art and indulgence.

📍 Location: Tulum Hotel Zone

⭐ Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

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Mexico best hotels - Unique Hotels in Tulum

Unique Places to Stay in Cozumel

7. Villa Maya

At Villa Maya, the Eco Lodgings offer an authentic and immersive experience in a Mayan-inspired setting. Waking to the sound of chirping birds in the tropical jungle is one of the best feelings especially for nature lovers. Glamping on Cozumel Island doesn’t get any better than this!

The cabins at Villa Maya feature a traditional design with cement floors and palm-thatched roofs, complemented by wooden walls. Inside, a mosquito net encircles the perimeter, keeping bugs out and providing a cozy haven whether you sleep in a queen-size bed or a hammock.

Despite the rustic charm, modern amenities are not forgotten—each cabin is equipped with electric power, a ceiling fan, lighting, and WiFi. However, the rooms don’t have restrooms. You will find restrooms in a separate building outside your cabin.

📍 Location: San Gervasio

⭐ Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Cozumel

Unique Places to Stay in Isla Mujeres

8. The Conch Shell House

Located on Isla Mujeres, the Conch Shell House is a whimsical tribute to the beauty of the Caribbean. Designed by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo and his architect brother Eduardo, this extraordinary hotel mimics the graceful contours of a conch shell with impeccable precision. Its sea-washed white exterior mirrors the allure of the ocean, prompting you to wonder if it was sculpted by the waves themselves.

Inside, the maritime theme continues with sinks and faucets crafted from coral and shell, while the master bedroom’s headboard resembles a majestic scallop shell. The walls are adorned with mesmerizing mermaid paintings. We stayed at this house for my 40th birthday and it was indeed a memorable one!

📍 Location: Carretera Garafon

⭐ Rating: 7.2 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Isla Mujeres

Unique Places to Stay in Campeche

9. Hacienda Uayamon

Hacienda Uayamon is a beautifully restored colonial Spanish mansion located in the town of Uayamon, the state of Campeche. This spacious hacienda showcases the natural beauty of its flourishing gardens while offering easy access to many points of interest. With luxury accommodations and superior service, you are sure to enjoy all that this exquisite resort has to offer.

The villas and suites have been fully renovated to highlight their architectural features and preserve their historic character, providing a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern comfort.

📍 Location: Uayamon

⭐ Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Campeche

Unique Places to Stay in Los Cabo

10. Viceroy Los Cabos

Located just minutes from San José del Cabo, Viceroy Los Cabos is a stunning resort designed by Miguel Ángel Aragonés. The resort’s minimalist aesthetic highlights its white concrete structures and expansive glass surfaces. Eight blocks are encircled by water mirrors that extend to the edges of the concrete walls, with pathways leading to central islands featuring oval pools.

This design creates a mesmerizing contrast between the stark linear architecture and the curvaceous, bird’s-nest-shaped Nido restaurant, which sits elegantly within the water mirrors. The rooms in these buildings offer panoramic ocean views through floor-to-ceiling windows, complete with a private patio or balcony.

Inside, you will enjoy high-tech customizable lighting, aromatherapy, and a personal Alexa. Among the four on-site restaurants, Nido stands out with its unique location and fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine.

📍 Location: Paseo Malecon

⭐ Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in San José del Cabo

Unique Hotels on Isla Espiritu Santo 

11. Baja Camp

Found on one of the most beautiful bays of Espiritu Santo Island, Baja Camp is an idyllic escape just a two-hour boat ride from La Paz. It is a perfect blend of the Grand Canyon and the Mediterranean. Waking to the soothing sounds of the sea will make you think you are living in paradise.

Surrounded by the rich marine life of the Sea of Cortez, you can indulge in trolling and drift fishing while here. It is a fun activity you can enjoy as a family or group of friends. This also means you can enjoy a seafood feast featuring the freshest fish and shellfish.

The warm crystal-clear waters are inviting for a swim and also offer a rare opportunity to frolic with playful seals. For hiking enthusiasts, the island’s trails wind through canyons with striking rock formations and vibrant cacti.

📍 Location: Espiritu Santo Island

⭐ Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Hotels on Isla Espiritu Santo 

Unique Places to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe

12. Hotel Endemico

Perched on a slope overlooking the stunning Valle de Guadalupe, Hotel Endémico is a rustic retreat in the heart of Mexico’s wine country. A member of Design Hotels, Hotel Endémico features 20 private rooms, each a cozy 20 square meters.

The modernist cabins stand on stilts and are designed to blend with the rural landscape, embodying the Spanish word “Endémico,” meaning “part of the environment.” The surrounding area, untouched by commercialism, boasts over 60 traditional vineyards.

Each eco-pod is equipped with fine beds, bathrooms, and terraces, ensuring comfort while showcasing the rustic beauty of the countryside. Adhering to its “leave no trace” philosophy, the hotel prohibits cars on the property. So, to get to the hotel, you will take their all-terrain shuttles.

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📍 Location: Valle de Guadalupe

⭐ Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe

13. Campera Hotel Burbuja

If you dream of sleeping under a starry sky, Campera Hotel Burbuja should be top of your list. Found in the heart of Mexico’s famous wine region, Valle de Guadalupe, the hotel features ten state-of-the-art ‘bubbles’ that face the soothing vineyards. The secluded haven offers the ultimate romantic retreat, making you feel as if you have the scenery all to yourselves.

With the transparent exterior of your bubble, you can lose yourself in the glowing sky above. There’s no compromising on comfort or convenience here, as each bubble comes with a cozy bed, a private bathroom, and a minibar stocked with the finest local wine.

The hotel is within walking distance of other attractions in Valle de Guadalupe. But no one would blame you if all you did was sit in the jacuzzi and stare at the vineyards with a glass of wine in hand.

📍 Location: Calle Emiliano Zapata

⭐ Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe

 Unique Places to Stay in Guanajuato

14. Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia

Initially a 17th-century hacienda, the sprawling Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia exudes a medieval Spanish fantasy complete with four-poster beds. The hotel’s rustic rooms feature arched doorways and cobbled terraces that open to rampart walls, offering panoramic views of the hills of colonial Guanajuato. Despite the rustic charm, the hotel also offers comforts like air-conditioning and full modern bathrooms.

Opened in 1952, this hotel has hosted actual royalty, including Spanish King Carlos de Borbón and Queen Doña Sofia. It has also welcomed renowned film stars such as María Félix and Brigitte Bardot. So, if you want to indulge the whims of royalty and celebrities, be sure to stay at Castillo Santa Cecilia, one of the most unique hotels in Mexico. Make sure to read my itinerary for Guanajuato road trip and the exciting activities you can enjoy along the way.

📍 Location: Guanajuato

⭐ Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico -  Unique Places to Stay in Guanajuato

Unique Places to Stay in Oaxaca 

15. Otro Oaxaca

Otro Oaxaca is the truest embodiment of simple elegance and raw, brutalist design. If you’re an architectural nerd, then spending a couple of nights here will rouse your intrigue. The hotel features two principal patios that serve as windows to the sky.

The hotel structure is a blend of brick and red soil from the valley, set against concrete walls enhanced by resins, steel, glass, and recycled wood. Endemic green limestone floors contrast with solid brick, evoking the historic charm of Oaxaca’s original convent walls.

Local artisans meticulously crafted the wood furniture and textiles, which are complemented by warm textures of wallpapers, suede, resin, and metal throughout the hotel. The entrance, a long hallway adorned with recycled wood from old railroad ties, sets the tone for the sculptural beauty. I had an amazing time in Oaxaca! Check out my 10-day Oaxaca road trip guide and discover all the fun things you can do in Oaxaca City.

📍 Location: Calle Macedonio Alcala

⭐ Rating: 7.8 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Oaxaca 

16. Casa Silencio

Located in the picturesque valley of Xaagá in Oaxaca, Casa Silencio (House of Silence) is one of Mexico’s most exclusive hotels, offering just six opulent rooms. Far from being an industrial site, this eco-friendly retreat masterfully blends the ancient art of mezcal production with the luxury of a 5-star hotel. It’s the only place in the world where you will stay at an active mezcal production site, immersing in the rich traditions of Oaxacan culture.

The sustainable distillery lets you witness the entire mezcal-making process, from oven-cooked agave to the final tasting experience. Casa Silencio honors this heritage while offering upscale accommodations, making it an unforgettable destination.

📍 Location: Xaagá

⭐ Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique places to stay in Mexico -  Unique Places to Stay in Xaagá

17. Casona Sforza

Located in the beautiful Puerto Escondido coast of Oaxaca, Casona Sforza offers more than just a luxurious stay—it’s a gateway to unforgettable experiences. This hotel presents vernacular-inspired architecture and a sustainable luxury experience marked by personalized exclusivity and privacy.

The hotel’s luminous spaces are adorned with terracotta tones and it features a terrace with a concentric swimming pool. Time flows without urgency under the shelter of cypresses, mangroves, and oaks, making you feel lost in bliss.

The hotel’s eleven suites, each with vaulted roofs, create a bohemian aesthetic environment. They feature natural textures, furniture, and details in tropical woods, all enveloped in a soothing palette of neutral hues.

📍 Location: Barra de Colotepec

⭐ Rating: 7.6 out of 10 stars

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Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Puerto Escondido

Unique Places to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

18. Villa Lala

Yet another unique place to stay in Mexico, Villa Lala has been a hit sensation on Instagram and TikTok over the past few months. After staying at Villa Lala and touring every suite, I can confidently say that staying here is every couple’s dream come true.

This idyllic adults-only boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta features 12 exclusive oceanfront suites surrounded by extensive gardens, offering a serene and intimate escape. Primarily catering to couples, Villa Lala provides lavish romantic dinners. Think candles and rose petals as well as soothing private couple’s massages.

The hotel’s architecture harmoniously blends with nature, ensuring privacy and offering breathtaking views of both the sea and mountains. The Villa Lala experience epitomizes tranquility, luxury, and personalized attention, promising an unforgettable stay that lives up to its viral fame.

📍 Location: Puerto Vallarta

⭐ Rating: 8.6 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Puerto Vallarta

Unique Places to Stay in Puebla

19. Hotel La Purificador

In the heart of Puebla’s historic center is Hotel La Purificadora, a testament to innovative design and rich history. Adjacent to the iconic Church of San Francisco, the hotel was transformed from a 19th-century water purification factory by Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta.

The renovation masterfully blends past and present, incorporating elements discovered by an archaeologist, such as bottles and glass fragments, into its striking yet functional design. The hotel’s terrace on the third floor is the highlight of your stay. It offers a serene escape from the urban bustle, making it the perfect place to soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

📍 Location: Puebla Historic Center

⭐ Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Puebla

Unique Places to Stay in Huasteca Potosina

20. Hotel Tapasoli

Perched on the hilltops of Xilitla in Huasteca Potosina is a whimsical place that resembles Hobbiton in ‘Lord of the Rings’. Step through the pastel-colored hobbit holes of Hotel Tapasoli and you’ll find yourself in comfortable, family-friendly rooms that open to gorgeous views of the valley.

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The hobbit holes overlook several dreamy pools, that you can actually swim in. During our stay in April, the water was actually pretty chilly, but that didn’t stop us from splashhing in. For Lord of the Ring fans, staying here is truly a dream come true. It’s not cheap to stay here (we paid $200+/night), but it’s definitely one of the most unique hotels we’ve stayed at in Mexico.

📍 Location: Xilitla, San Luis Potosi state

⭐ Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique stays in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Huasteca Potosina

Unique Places to Stay in Tepoztlán

21. Tubohotel

Ever thought of sleeping in a concrete tube? No? Well, you won’t be labeled a hippie if you did in Tepoztlán. Just outside the main city center is Tubohotel, a budget-friendly, backpacker paradise that is exactly what it sounds like: a hotel made of tubes. Cozy, glass-fronted rooms were built inside enormous concrete tubes that were stacked up like pyramids.

Inside, you’ll find cozy beds, linen, and soft lighting but the toilets and showers are in a separate building. Bathrooms are shared, and the Wi-Fi signal may or may not reach your tube. You can also speak with the hotel staff about arranging a cooking class with the local celebrity chef, adding a unique touch to your stay.

📍 Location: Tepoztlán

⭐ Rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique stays in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Tepoztlán

Unique Places to Stay in Tequila

22. Matices Hotel de Barricas

Ever wondered what it’s like to stay inside tequila barrels? During our trip to Tequila, we stayed at the unique Matices Hotel de Barricas, where rooms are housed in giant tequila barrels, surrounded by agave fields. You get the sensation you’re in the middle of tequila backcountry, even though you’re just minutes from town.

Every hotel guest is welcomed to a free guided tour and tequila tasting at their distillery. There are English and Spanish tours that run twice a day and the guides are fun and engaging. There’s also a gorgeous cave restaurant with giant Cathedral ceilings and a bottleshop selling all kinds of tequila. 

You’re also free to wander around the agave field and snap photos with artistic sculptures. I highly recommend a stay here, even if it is just for one night.

📍 Location: Jalisco

⭐ Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique Places to Stay in Mexico

Unique Places to Stay in Queretaro

23. Nonu Glamping

Ditch the boring traditional resort experience and head to NONU, a glamping destination with a unique concept in Querétaro’s renowned wine region. The site is found within the famous Puerta del Lobo vineyard. NONU offers a blend of luxury and nature with its strategically located geodesic domes perched on a hill.

From your dome, you will enjoy panoramic views of the vineyards and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. There are four intimate bubbles for couples and a larger family-friendly dome accommodating up to four people. Each dome has a private bathroom, Wi-Fi, and a spacious private terrace complete with a jacuzzi, lounge chairs, tables, chairs, and an outdoor hammock.

Nonu has taken glamping to a whole new level. We spent a weekend here and never wanted to leave. The intimate experience will make you feel like you just stumbled upon paradise.

📍 Location: Puerta del Lobo

⭐ Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Unique places to stay in Mexico - Unique Places to Stay in Queretaro

 Unique Places to Stay in Zacatecas

24. Quinta Real Zacatecas

Perched within the restored 19th-century San Pedro bullfighting ring, Quinta Real Zacatecas is a stunning blend of historical charm and modern luxury. The classy hotel offers spacious rooms adorned with stone fireplaces and marble baths. The on-site restaurant, La Plaza, serves delectable cuisine with an unparalleled view of the bullfighting ring and the centuries-old aqueduct.

The hotel’s inner courtyard and dramatic stone arches are charming in the evening, illuminated by the warm glow of candlelight. This romantic aura makes the hotel one of the best destinations for couples in San Pedro. For day trippers, the hotel is within walking distance of must-see sites like the Zacatecas Cathedral and El Edén mine.

📍 Location: Avenida Ignacio Rayon

⭐ Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Mexico best hotels -  Unique Places to Stay in Zacatecas

Unique Places to Stay in Zihuatanejo

25. Playa Viva

Found along the unspoiled coast of Guerrero, Playa Viva offers a unique eco-luxury experience that caters to every type of traveler. During my visit last spring, I was captivated by the resort’s seamless blend of rugged natural beauty and sustainable luxury. The meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of the resort, from its eco-friendly accommodations to the pristine beach and inviting pool, exceeded my expectations.

Playa Viva’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its on-site permaculture farm, initiatives supporting local communities, and strict no-plastic policy. These practices not only enhance the guest experience but also foster a deeper connection to the environment and community. Spending days immersed in nature, I found myself reflecting on the profound impact of responsible travel.

The resort’s family-friendly policy, where kids under five stay for free, makes it an ideal destination for eco-conscious families seeking a guilt-free getaway.

📍 Location: Juluchuca

⭐ Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

💰 Check Rates & Availability

Mexico best stays - Unique Places to Stay in Zihuatanejo

Which of these Mexico Unique Hotels Have You Stayed at?

What do you think of this list of unique places to stay in Mexico? Have you stayed in any of them? Know of any other Mexico unique hotels? Please share with us in the comments field below! Please check out my other articles about hotels below:

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Unique Places to Stay in Mexico

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