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10 Spectacular Waterfalls in Mexico

Mexico is home to numerous frothy cascades and tumbling falls. Here’s our curated list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico.

Mexico boasts numerous water reserves that gift us some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Carved by winding rivers and running streams, these waterfalls form part of Mexico’s stunning natural landscape. Ranging from towering cascades to tiered travertines with astonishing water hues, Mexico’s waterfalls make up some of Mexico’s most famous natural wonders.

As a Mexican born and raised in Guanajuato, I’ve had the privilege of traveling all over Mexico, exploring Mayan ruins, pueblos mágicos, pristine islands, and hot springs. In this blog post, I’ve curated some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico for you. Hope you like them!

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Mexico Waterfalls Map

I’ve pinned this list of waterfalls in Mexico on this map:

How to use this map: Click on the top left of the map to display the list of locations, then click on the locations to display further information. To open a larger version in a new tab, click on the top right corner of the map. Star the map to save it to your own Google Maps.

Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Mexico

1. El Chiflón Waterfalls, Chiapas

Arguably the highlight of any Chiapas road trip, El Chiflón is a series of five-tiered whitewater falls and turquoise mineral pools, about 2 hours from San Cristobal de las Casas. The highest waterfall is known as Cascada Velo de Novia and is an impressive 230 feet (70m) tall.

The entry fee to the El Chiflon waterfalls is 50 MXN (US$2.50) per person and you pay for the tickets at the entrance of the Ecotourism Center. Once you’re at the park, there’s a short hike of about 15 minutes to get to the first waterfall. From there, it’s another 45-minute hike to get to Cascada Velo de Novia, the tallest of the waterfalls. Take the slippery steps up to El Mirador (viewpoint) with caution and prepare to get wet from the thundering falls.

Be sure to bring a swimming suit and towel if you want to swim in the pools. There are designated swimming areas as some parts can be quite dangerous due to the strong currents. I booked this day tour to visit both El Chiflon and Lagos de Montebello, which was an incredibly long day trip, but an easy way to see them without worrying about logistics.

TIP: The best time to visit is during the dry season (January to April) when the waterfalls are gloriously turquoise and spearmint color. If you’re visiting in the rainy season, it can be too chilly to swim, and the water was a dull murky color.

waterfalls in mexico - el chiflon chiapas

2. Cascada Tamúl, San Luis Potosí

There are many waterfalls in San Luis Potosi, but the most spectacular and largest waterfall in the state is Cascada Tamúl. Soaring to a height of 105 meters (344 feet) and spanning 300 meters (984 feet) in width during the rainy season, Tamúl resides at the pinnacle of the Santa María River Canyon, located within the region known as La Huasteca Potosina.

The cascade originates from the Gallinas River, where its waters cascade onto the Santa María River, concurrently giving rise to another river named Tampaón, distinguished by its captivating water color. Tamúl offers a multifaceted experience, inviting visitors to engage in activities such as swimming and rappelling. The site also beckons exploration of the pristine and remarkably beautiful Cueva del Agua.

This waterfall, with its majestic dimensions and serene surroundings, provides an opportunity to indulge in various outdoor pursuits. You can go canyoning, caving or white water rafting. This adventurous day trip includes transport from Ciudad Valle and a full day of white-water rafting as well as snacks and lunch.

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3. Cascada Basaseachi, Copper Canyon

Located deep in the valleys of the Copper Canyon, Cascada Basaseachi is Mexico’s highest full-time waterfall, tumbling down 800 feet (246m) to the azure pools below. At approximately 134 kilometers (83 miles) northwest of Creel, this natural wonder is a 3-hour drive away from the gateway town. Rent a car like I did; the drive to Cascada Basaseachi isn’t difficult, just be prepared for some winding mountain roads. Alternatively, book a tour with a local operator.

There are well-marked trails that lead you to different viewpoints, allowing you to capture memorable photos and enjoy the power of nature. From the top of the falls, you’ll be treated to unparalleled views of the magnificent Candameña Canyon. To truly experience the falls up close, hike down to the base to fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural wonder. The surrounding area is designated as a protected national park, providing a habitat for various wildlife species including cougars, white-tailed deer, and collared peccaries. 

waterfalls in mexico - cascada baseachi

4. Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

One of the most unique geological formations I’ve ever seen, Hierve el Agua is a series of natural mineral springs and petrified waterfalls perched on a clifftop overlooking the Oaxaca Valley. At just 70km east of Oaxaca City, it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Oaxaca.

The name “Hierve el Agua” translates to “the water boils,” and refers to the natural springs that bubble up from the ground and create pools of mineral water. The water temperature is actually pretty low; technically it’s not a hot spring. But the petrified falls and mineral pools are an absolutely stunning natural formation that’s equal parts unique and beautiful.

But Hierve el Agua is more than just a beautiful destination — it’s also a place of cultural and historical significance for the people of Oaxaca. The Zapotec people, an indigenous group that has inhabited the region for thousands of years, believe that the mineral-rich waters of Hierve el Agua have healing properties and have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Read my guide to these Oaxaca waterfalls.

mexico waterfalls - hierve el agua oaxaca

5. Cascada de Agua Azul, Chiapas

Deep in the northern reaches of Chiapas lie the exquisite waterfalls known as Agua Azul. This natural marvel unfolds in a mesmerizing bluish-white spectacle, as the converging waters from the Tulún, Shumuljá, and Tulijá rivers carve magnificent vertical cliffs into the landscape.

The name translates to “blue water,” Agua Azul is famous for its stunning crystal clear blue tones. However, this color is only visible during the dry season (October to April). During the rainy season (May to September), the consistent rain can sometimes turn the water a shade of brown. The falls sprawl across a large area, with plenty of restaurants and shops as well as cabanas that you can rent and stay for the night.

Located close to the Palenque ruins, Agua Azul can be easily visited on a day trip from Palenque. It takes around 2 hours from Palenque to get to Agua Azul. It’s also just a hop away from two other waterfalls: Misol-Ha and Roberto Barrios, both of which are also worth visiting.

waterfalls in mexico - agua azul chiapas

6. Salto de Eyipantla, Veracruz

Veracruz, a state brimming with natural wonders, boasts one of the most prominent waterfalls in Mexico. The Eyipantla Falls translates to mean “the waterfall of three streams” in Nahuatl. This magnificent cascade spans 40 meters (131 feet) in width and plunges 60 meters (197 feet) in height, nestled near Catemaco in San Andrés Tuxtla. You can easily visit it on a day trip from Veracruz City.

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The waterfall originates from the Río Grande de Catemaco river, flowing into the Catemaco Lagoon. Locals believe that this was the sacred abode of Tláloc, the god of rain (whose presence, it is said, can still be felt). This majestic spectacle not only captivates with its size but also invites visitors to immerse themselves in the mythical aura, connecting with the ancient reverence for Tláloc and the elemental forces embodied by the Eyipantla Falls. This was the movie setting for Apocalypto, one of the best movies on Mexico.

From the entrance, you can drink in a view of the majestic falls from the observation deck. But I recommend taking the few hundred steps down to the base of the falls to see it in its full glory. Prepare to get wet from the spray of the waterfall. Amenities include restaurants, souvenir shops, and restrooms.

waterfalls in mexico - eyipantla in veracruz

7. Cascada Tulimán, Puebla

Cascada Tulimán is a breathtaking waterfall, cascading in three distinct tiers measuring between 250 and 300 meters (820-980 feet) in height. This natural wonder is a mere 35 minutes from pueblo mágico of Zacatlán de las Manzanas in Puebla.

Immersing yourself in the paradisiacal setting invites communion with nature in the crystal-clear waters, listening to the rhythmic cascade, and traversing rustic pathways. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the “papalotl” tree, and engage in exhilarating activities such as rappelling, hiking, and zip-lining.

Tulimán provides cozy cabins for accommodation, a dining facility offering the taste of Puebla’s traditional cuisine. This idyllic retreat not only captivates with its stunning waterfalls but also beckons adventurers to explore its diverse offerings, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature.

waterfalls in mexico - puebla

8. Cascada Minas Viejas, San Luis Potosí

Another one of San Luis Potosí waterfalls, Cascada Minas Viejas lies in the municipality of el Naranjo in Huasteca Potosina. This is a two-tiered waterfall standing at an impressive 50 meters in height (164 feet), the second highest waterfall in Mexico.

The ecopark is divided into three zones. When you enter Zone 1, you’ll see the tallest falls in the area. In Zone 2, you can cross a suspension bridge to admire the view of the river crossing between sedimentary rocks. There’s a thermal pool with therapeutic waters at a balmy 86 degrees F (30 degrees C).

At the end of Zone 3, there is a small waterfall called “La Cascada del Cajón”. You can also enjoy a walk along the river bank and stay in the camping area overnight. If you are one of those who like something more exciting, they have adventure activities such as a zip line circuit, archery and tree climbing at night.

waterfalls in mexico - san luis potosi

9. Cascada Agua Blanca, Tabasco

Agua Blanca is a series of waterfalls cascading over rocks, creating a foam of admirable whiteness and forming inviting pools for a refreshing swim. It’s part of the Cascadas de Agua Blanca State Park in the municipality of Macuspana, near Villa Hermosa, Tabasco.

This protected natural area boasts an expansive stretch of jungle, teeming with diverse flora and fauna, including captivating features like caves and caverns. The park provides amenities such as parking, wading areas, swimming pools, as well as barbecue facilities, places to eat, sanitary services, and more.

waterfalls in mexico - agua blanca

10. Cascada Cola de Caballo, Nuevo León

This Mexican waterfall is the main attraction of Cola de Caballo ecopark in Villa de Santiago, Nuevo León, just 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Monterrey. This 25-meter high (82 feet) cascade is formed by waters descending from the Sierra Madre Occidental. The abundant flow gives the impression of a white and extensive horse tail, hence the name.

Nestled in a natural park surrounded by beautiful green areas, visitors can enjoy a picnic, and refresh themselves at viewpoints offering stunning views of forests, mountains, and the river. The park also provides services such as restaurants, horse rentals, bicycles, and ATVs.

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There are plenty of things to do in Monterrey; but if you’re craving some time in the countryside, head to the magic town of Villa de Santiago and explore the Cola de Caballo Park. An easy way to get there is on a day tour from Monterrey.

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What to Pack to Visit these Waterfalls

Some of these waterfalls in Mexico have slippery surfaces so you’ll NEED water shoes. If you don’t have water shoes, sandals or KEEN shoes will suffice. I wore my Teva sandals to go inside many of these thermal pools and hiking around the area. You can find high-quality waterproof gear on Outdoorplay.

You’ll also need a waterproof phone holder if you’re planning to take photos. I bought one for 150 MXN (US$7.5) in one of the shops, but it’s not the best quality.

Be sure to read my guide on what to pack for Mexico for more details.

Packing List for Visiting Waterfalls

Tips for Visiting Waterfalls in Mexico

If you’re going to one of these waterfalls in Mexico, here’s a list of tips you should follow to have the best experience on your adventure:

  • Respect the rules —  Always make sure to read the rules at the park entrance, whether that is wearing a floating vest all the time, not diving, or not climbing certain places. All of it is for your own safety.
  • Wear sunscreen —  Apply some sunscreen before your adventure and again after you’ve been swimming or practicing any kind of water activity. You don’t want to end up sunburnt the next day, trust me, it could ruin your vacation!
  • Drink enough water —  A nice swim may freshen you up after the long hike some of these waterfall sites need you to do to get to them, but don’t forget to bring your own water bottle and drink enough so you don’t dehydrate.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings —  There are no security cameras or anything in these waterfalls. Keep an eye on your belongings and try not to bring anything valuable.
  • Eat local food —  Most waterfalls in Mexico are protected as ecoparks and many have food stands selling Mexican antojitos (think quesadillas and tacos).

What Are Your Favorite Waterfalls in Mexico?

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best waterfalls in Mexico.

Which of these waterfalls in Mexico have you been to? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments field below. I’ll be more than happy to answer them!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links i.e. if you book a stay through one of my links, I get a small commission at NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you for your support!

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